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The highlight of any stay in Greece is a visit to the METEORA Monasteries. From your hotel we drive south along the coast of the Olympic Riviera, with a view of the OLYMP MOUNTAIN. After a short coffee break we continue past farms, fields and plantations, but also over rivers and through valleys. We pass the provincial capital LARISSA and drive through the large, fertile Thessalian plain to the small town of KALAMBAKA, which is surrounded by the PINDOS MOUNTAIN. After a brief visit to an iconic workshop, we will arrive at the destination of the excursion, the breathtaking, hovering METEORA Monasteries. Like giant stalagmites, the gray rocks tower into the sky.



On top of the peaks, the first monks built their monasteries in Byzantine times. We visit two of these monasteries and can experience the unique atmosphere (please note clothing precautions). Impressive are the large collections of valuable Byzantine frescoes, icons and carvings.


Our professional guides will share with you their knowledge on the history of the rocks, the life of the monks and the construction of the monasteries


You have the opportunity to visit the city of Kalambaka at the foot of the Meteora rocks, followed by lunch.

On the way back to your hotels there will be another short coffee break.

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